Principal's Page

    Heath Springs Elementary School is committed to helping all students develop the world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the SC Graduate by providing opportunities for students to master grade level standards across the curriculum through project or problem based learning experiences. We provide these experiences through an implementation of our school vision: Full STEAM Ahead! We demonstrate this vision by challenging our students with best practices and professional development of our teachers. These learning experiences will emphasize STEAM activities, encourage creativity, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration. These experiences will also promote self-direction, perseverance, tolerance and a positive work ethic as new windows are opened to global perspective. We have a STEAM lab which includes a science lab, drama room with dance floor, and pottery room. We have two computer labs, computers in the classrooms, and a mobile Chrome Book lab. Teachers have worked diligently to acquire iPads and iPad minis through grant money to further our technology initiative. We facilitate the development of engineering and math through opportunities with building and design activities with LEGO blocks and sets , KEVA planks, and project design.  

    Heath Springs Elementary School’s curriculum emphasizes whole child education, reading, and writing across the curriculum, and the response to intervention (RTI) protocol. Our faculty and staff “study and use data results to develop instructional goals and plans to meet each and every child’s need.”[1] In the 2014-2015 school year, Heath Springs Elementary served 407 students in Prekindergarten to Grade 5, with 48.2 percent being female and 51.8 percent being male. We had a student to teacher ratio of 23:1 for core subjects, and approximately 76.0 percent of our faculty members had advanced degrees.

     In the spring of 2015, Heath Springs Elementary students exceeded the district and state averages for the ACT Aspire assessments in both English and mathematics, with 72.3 percent of students reaching the “Ready” or “Exceeding” standard in English (compared to a district average of 66.5 percent and a state average of 67.9 percent) and 56.4 percent reaching the same level in mathematics (compared to a district average of 47.0 percent and a state average of 46.7 percent). Heath Spring Elementary students also exceeded the state averages for the SCPASS assessments in social studies, science, English, and mathematics in the most recent year when data is available (2015 or 2014). For instance, 68.7 percent of our students reached the “Met” or “Exemplary” standard in science in the 2014-2015 school year (compared to a state average of 67.6 percent) and 77.4 percent reached the same level for social studies in the same year (compared to a state average of 75.9 percent).

    We have a LEGO competition team and after school club. We also have an afternoon pottery class for teachers and students to learn pottery skills. We are an arts infused school. The teachers coordinate opportunities for the arts to be blended across the curriculum. We have two main drama productions a year. This fall the 3rd-5th graders performed The Snow Queen. This spring the students in K-2 will perform Hansel and Gretel. We also had two dance residencies this year to teach the Polka and Contemporary Movement to support Social Studies.  We offer clubs each semester that include pottery, drama, gardening, tap dancing, gymnastics, photography, chess, drawing, landscaping, etc. We believe that it takes a community to raise a child and welcome volunteers. 

Sheri Watson. Principal